UVC Robot

  • Y-Sani UVC Robot is designed to conduct disinfection at different public areas to kill, or deactivate all forms of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and spores.

  • Y-Sani provides a cost effective solution to meet this kind of need.

  • Its aim is to protect human health by providing a clean environment that will stop the transmission of disease.

  • It is designed to avoid human infection during the disinfection processes and reduce health-care acquired infection (HAI).

Smart Functionalities

  • The mobile base of our UVC Robot is a “point to point” freely navigating laser guided vehicle (LGV) embedded with machine learning.
  • This smart vehicle is designed and built with the features of compelling functionalities.
  • It can do the disinfection with its UVC top module autonomously in an environment without human intervention.

High Disinfection Efficiency

Disinfection method Covering Different Areas in One Single Room Time required
Manual Disinfection Using Chemical Yes 30-40 mins
Traditional UVC Device No 30-40 mins
UVC Robot Yes 15-20 mins

* Disinfection of a Patient Ward (Around 30 sq.m)


T8 30 UVC Light

Freely Navigation

UNO 100

Obstacle Avoidance

SLAM Algorithm

Auto Charging

UNO Auto Charger

Option for EU Markets

In addition to our UNO Base UVC Robots, we provide also our UVC robots with CE certified Omron LD 90 mobile bases for the compliance of EU requirements.

Non CE Edition
CE Edition

A Mobile Mechanized Platform for Professional UVC Disinfection

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