A Mobile Mechanized Platform for Professional UVC Disinfection

  • UVC can shatter the genetic material inside viruses, bacteria and other microbes.
  • But moving many UVC tubes to conduct disinfection at different heights, angles and horizons for large areas is a challenge to any cleaning and disinfection professional.
  • Y-Sani provides a cost effective solution to meet this kind of need.
  • Y-Sani is a cordless mechanized mobile platform which can carry a powerful UVC Board to assist disinfection or cleaning professional to carry out disinfection works.
  • An acrylic protective enclosure is installed to avoid the operator’s exposure to UVC. This flat acrylic sheet can absorb most of UVC to protect the industrial health of the operator.


in Heights, Angles and Horizons

Is Y-Sani UVC Disinfection Platform Safe?

  • Like any disinfection system, Y-Sani UVC disinfection platform must be used properly to be safe.
  • Our UVC light is stronger than normal sunlight, and can cause a sunburn-like reaction to your skin, and damage the retina of your eye, if exposed.
  • Fortunately this is relatively simple. Even even standard flat glass absorbs all UVC. We protect the operator with a protective acrylic enclosure mounted on the platform.
  • Some other UVC devices produce ozone which is toxic to people. But our UVC lamps have an envelope of special glass that filters out ozone-forming radiation.
  • Furthermore, we use surgical mask, eye protection, gloves to protect their skin and eyes.

Application Scenario

apply to Disinfection Requirements

Professional Sites

More than 50% of wards were not properly disinfected, causing a risk of infection.

Surgical Room
Inpatient Ward

Crowd Gathering Places

Large flow of people is the place where virus and bacteria spread.

Public Hall
Office Space
Indoor Recreation

Health Sensitive Sites

The elderly and kid are often the most contagious.

Nursing Home

Protection of Human Health

We are a technology company based in Hong Kong. We commit to develop solutions for the reduction of healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs).

A Mobile Mechanized Platform for Professional UVC Disinfection

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